2014 I went circumnavigating the globe recording my trips in order to generate travel video clips for my YouTube network and/or my clients. During the last 12 months I saw 15 countries and 3 continents!

— tools made use of to generate this video–.
Sony NEX 5.
GoPro Electronic camera.
Amazon.com Tripod.
Joby Gorillapod.
Opteka SteadyCam.
Zoom H2n Sound Recorder.
SDHC Flash memory card.
Waterproof Flash memory card Case.
Backpack Osprey Farpoint 40.

* Deutsch *.
2014 habe ich eine weitere Weltreise gemacht und dabei alle Reiseerfahrung per Video clip für diesen Kanal und meine Kunden dokumentiert. Insgesamt habe ich 15 Länder auf 3 Kontinenten besucht!

Wenn du Teil meiner zukünftigen Reisen sein möchtest: abonniere den Kanal und entdecke die Welt mit mir. Ich freue mich dich dabei zu haben!

* English *.
If you 'd like to be part of my approaching trips: subscribe to the channel as well as comply with along. I'm looking forward counting you right into my amazing neighborhood of open minded vacationers!

You are already able to enjoy a lot of the material I tape-recorded in 2014 on this network as seen in this traveling montage – a lot more from my Round the World trip could be seen very soon:-RRB-.

— my travel tools–.
packaging list.
Online Language Course.

Nations I've been to throughout this Round the World journey this year:.
– Bulgaria.
– Macedonia.
– Bosnia & Herzegovina.
– Albania.
– Greece.
– Montenegro.
– Serbia.
– Croatia.
– Brazil.
– Italy.
– San Marino.
– Finland.
– Sri Lanka.
– England.
– Germany.

Meine Kamera-Ausrüstung findest du hier:.

Alle erwähnten Unterkünfte:.


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  1. So what do you do now? You’ve basically seen the entire world which is like
    the ultimate goal of every human being. What happens next?

  2. ohhhhhh
    amazing world u see bruh
    i mean u actuly lived
    u’ll not have regrets bro
    bcs wow i swear i ‘ll o anything to be in ur place
    when ur friends ask u tell them that i lived !!!

  3. Hey i really like your content and i liked ur video and subscribed to your
    channel. I kind of make the same content as you. So check me out if you
    want :)

  4. Hi, what software or app did you use to make this video? I want to put
    short 60 videos into 1 short video, about 15min long. I managed to make
    make it 59min. Please assist, thanks! Cool video, check out LESOTHO next
    time 😊.

    • I recommend using the software according to your computer. If you have a PC
      you should use Movie Maker, if you have a Mac I recommend iMovie. You can
      find many tutorials on how to do it here on YouTube 😉

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