Me and also my sweetheart taking a trip and diving all over Asia 2013/2014.
Shot 100% with GOPRO in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and China. Don't forget to watch in 720 or 1080 HD!

This flick was recorded throughout a trip with my partner in China, Malaysia, Thailand and also the Philippines, the winter season of 2013/2014.
Whatever was recorded with a GoPro Hero3+ Black edition. When the Hero3+ was used during diving, we mostly had the "Polar pro Cube red filter" attached on, which i highly suggest using if you're diving with a GoPro-camera.

The film was edited utilizing Adobe Best Pro CS6 and also the audio was edited with Ableton Live 9.

The songs was created by Worakls as well as Vibrasphere. To be extra certain:
Worakls – Bleu
Vibrasphere – Ensueno (Early morning mix).

A few of the locations the motion picture was shot at:.
Copenhagen, Beijing, Hong kong, Bangkok, Koh samet, Boracay, Moalboal, Oslob, Panglao, Balicasag, Langkawi as well as Koh lipe.


    • +Jared Fallon I’ve never experienced any focus problems with my “3+ black
      edition” so dont worry! Are you really worried about the fogging, go buy
      some of the “anti-fog inserts” from a gopro store! Have fun on your

    • +Jared Fallon you Need the antifog bags from gopro in your housing!, than
      you have no fog inside! you used any redfilters for diving or something?

    • +Joel S Sorry for the questions but can you direct me to some info
      regarding the benefit of red filters while diving?

    • +Joel S All good found plenty of vids, didn’t even think about filters for
      going underwater! Cheers everyone 🙂

  1. @8:10 where is that waterfall located?
    Also, if I use gopro will the video file size would be smaller than the
    digicam’s video file size? 

    • Hi there. The waterfall is located outside MoalBoal in the Philippines.
      I don’t own a digicam so i dont know but i think generally that any HD
      1080-file that is created with the same framerate by a small camera, puts
      out about the same size files. If the files are compressed the same way
      that is of course.

    • Oh its in the phili.I thought somewhere in the koh samui island.
      Ohk I see. Maybe I’ll get a digicam then.
      Great footage BTW.

  2. hi, I have gopro4 black. Your video is very good!!!! But if i shoot with my
    gopro, i got severe fisheye effect. Your video is not severe fisheye
    effect. i also use-> 1080 60fps wide. i want to know how u did. 

  3. GREAT video and amazing scuba diving! I am going to Malaysia, Philippines,
    Thailand, and Indonesia this coming summer 2016, I was wondering if you had
    any must see places I should go to. Also, do you know exactly where you
    were scuba diving at in that video where there were hug masses and schools
    of fish. That was amazing.

    • +Morgan Novello scuba diving .. check out Coron, Palawan in Philippines. I
      have only done snorkeling there and I can say I’ve never been so satisfied
      in my under the sea life. The coral and fish life is so beautiful. Best
      short vacation ever even I’ve toured around Asia. I stayed at EcoLodge and
      purchased their package with tour and it was hassle free for me. Some enjoy
      joining TAO Philippines expeditions… other options can be Cebu or Donsol

    • +Geraldine Gonzales okay thank you verrry much. i need more tips from
      people who have been there before. What country is the EcoLodge in?

    • +Morgan Novello Hi, yes, EcoLodge is in Coron, Philippines.

      I have been to beaches in malaysia too (since it’s near Singapore, i lived
      there for a few years), I would suggest skip the beaches in Malaysia. They
      are nowhere near amazing compare to the Philippine beaches. Just focus on
      Kuala Lumpur if going Malaysia and maybe allot only 2-3days since there’s
      nothing much to see but the Petronas towers. Best to stay at for me in KL
      is at Le Meridien or Aloft KL, but if on a budget, just choose any place in
      Kuala Lumpur Sentral area.

      For Thailand, Bangkok is a great shopping experience! Enjoy the shopping
      culture there and make sure to visit Grand Palace. for beaches, Pattaya is
      okay but it is a prostitute haven but if you’re up for party, it should be
      wild. Ko Samui or Phuket would be pretty nice..

      But if you do have Philippines as your actual destination, I suggest skip
      other beach stuff and leave it all to Philippines and do other touristy
      things in Thailand/Malaysia. While SKIP Manila in Philippines since traffic
      is crazy there.

    • +Vheejhay Jhayvhee I think its at Koh Lipe – Thailand 🙂 I searched for the
      name on the sign at 10:59 and thats what i found atleast 🙂

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