The Eurail pass provides you access to educate travel in as much as 28 European nations, consisting of France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Given that 1959, numerous travelers have actually found Europe the Eurail way.

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Take your pick from 1000s of destinations from famous fundings, such as Rome, Paris and also Berlin to captivating communities in Italy's Tuscan region. Strategy your personal route. Address your own speed. And also collect life-long memories of your trip with Europe.

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    • Hi Megan,
      The song is called “Apollo Rising” from “Terry Devine-King”. Hope you liked

    • Hi Michael,
      You’re right that was the music we used in the longer version, here’s the
      actual music you’re looking for.
      The name is “Apollo Rising” from “Terry Devine-King”

  1. “For the Better” by Max Brodi is the music track for the longer (1 min 34
    sec) version of the Eurail commercial. Can someone tell me the background
    music used for the shorter (35 sec) version of the commercial?

    • Hi Saahildiya,
      The song is called “Apollo Rising” from “Terry Devine-King”. Any thoughts
      on our video?

    • +Tatiana Mckeen We love it too, Tatiana! Looks like you’ve been to Spain a
      couple of times already? There’s many more to discover in Europe 🙂

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      touch with our colleagues about it? You can find contact details right
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