New york city City is a global metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and also their descendants.

New york city City is home to eight million individuals, as well as the city receives greater than 50 million visitors per year. Your New york city City trip ought to include sampling the food of thousands of different cultures, and you could check out the conveniently walking, by taxi, or using the famous subway system.

No New york city sightseeing and tour is total without a visit to Times Square, which you've no doubt seen in lots of flicks. Absorb its signboards, its lots of people, as well as its food, after that cross over to Central Park, which consists of 850 acres of lakes and fields, and is the setup for many a romantic comedy. You likewise have your pick of art as well as background galleries, in addition to the Reflecting Lack Memorial as well as Museum, where you can pay your respects to the targets of 9/11.

Most of all, appreciate yourself, and also prepare to take a bite out of the Huge Apple. See our New York City traveling overview page to learn more or to intend your following getaway!


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  1. Why is it that these travel videos only emphasize Manhattan. There are
    5!!!! boroughs that make up NYC. And showing a two second spot on Brooklyn
    doesn’t make up for it.

    • Yeah, the research we have done for our upcoming trip there, we focused on
      a few things off the beaten path, even stuff on the New Jersey side like
      one of Edison’s old laboratory and factory complexes and some Revolutionary
      War sites. FDR Island looks like a great idea off the beaten tourist path,
      and apparently a nice place that many NY natives don’t end up visiting
      either. Fire Island Nat. Seashore looks like it will be a great natural
      escape from the urban jungle. We might drive over to the Hampton’s too just
      to see the beaches and lifestyles of the rich and famous. Want to take a
      subway ride to snap a photo in front of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, too.
      What would be another must-see site aside from Coney Island in Brooklyn?

    • BuckeyNuthouse17 Hey there! Sorry about the late response. I know ellis
      island and liberty island are not necessarily off the beaten path but i
      think it’s a “dont miss ” if you visit the area. And the staten island
      ferry, when the ferry approaches the dock in the city, with the buildings
      looming over you, it makes them look like giants lol. It’s gorgeous,
      especially at night. I think I mentioned City Island before but I like
      visiting in the summer when the seafood restaurants and the piers are
      packed. Did you know that roosevelt island was set aside for housing insane
      asylums before it became a residential location? . Theres general grants
      tomb in riverside park on the west side of manhattan. The new york public
      library in 42nd and 5th. and if you’re visiting long island you can stop by
      the montauk point lighthouse. there are other lighthouses in LI but i
      believe that is the oldest one there. it’s a bit of a drive.. last time i
      went to that area it took about two hours. The south street sea port is
      awesome in the summer. there are restaurants and outdoor vendors and bars.
      somedays they have free dance classes on the pier. If you’re visiting
      yankee stadium, the barclay center in brooklyn is a train ride away. You
      can just get on the 4 train to across the street from the stadium. the
      brooklyn museum and botanical garden are nearby as well….

      I highly recommend that you visit in the summertime since there are more
      activities around the city like free concerts and movie viewings in the
      park. that’s as much as I can think of right now lol…. hope it was
      helpful. please let me know if you have any more questions I might be able
      to answer and if I can find other interesting spots I will come back and
      post again. Enjoy your trip.

    • Ah, very good. Yeah, we still have a while yet, but time is passing by
      quick. While summer would be cool, our road trips we tend to jam pack them,
      haha, though the park movie night or free concerts do sound nice.

      Yep, we’ll squeeze in time for Ellis, Liberty, and Governor’s islands.
      Should be a couple fun boat rides with great views. My friend mentioned
      Roosevelt Island recently for the Four Freedoms Park, but I saw on Google
      Maps this creepy looking abandoned building on the way there, possibly that
      insane asylum, haha. Very interesting. My friend is a big presidential
      history guy, and wants to see Grant’s tomb as well as Teddy’s birth and
      resting places. We kind of wanted to get out to the Hampton’s for part of a
      day, and possibly this Montauk lighthouse and state park would fit within
      our time on Long Island.

      Alrighty, that adds a few more possibilities. I think our itinerary file is
      getting to the point we can start booking a hotel and grab a few tickets in
      advance. Should be a lot of hopping around, but the great subway system
      should make that convenient.

  2. yesterday i just came back from nyc.thanks for helping me look at things
    over there,everythings was just like in the video

  3. the diversity of people is incredible, is like the whole world, all
    nationalities, in one city, one world. just like L.A. but Los Angeles is
    better we got everything. Cali baby!

    • Tommy Vercetti You are verbose, but you say nothing.

      And who the hell said anything about surgical procedures, fucktard?
      Cosmetic surgery aside, California people are just more artificial. Period.

      You’re dismissed.

    • +Adrian Channelle “California people are just more artificial.”
      Yet with no data or numbers to prove a point.
      And you have nothing for the facts I presented, people go to NYC for
      manhattan mainly, and we have way much better looking beaches and we have
      hills and mountains.
      NYC is overrated, times square overrated little piece of land LOL

  4. After watching the video and read some of the comments, I’ve lost a little
    bit of interest in going to New York as opposed to before..

    • A friend and I want to do a road trip to NYC coming up, and we are for the
      moment splitting it up into 1 day New Jersey side, 2 days Manhattan, and 1
      day Long Island side. We were curious if there were any interesting sites
      in New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn, and farther out on Long Island. I think we
      have our New Jersey day filled up with ferry to Ellis/Liberty islands, then
      tours of Edison Nat. Historical Park and Morristown Nat. Historical Park.
      Sounds good. Manhattan days filled up with what was well-covered in the
      above video, and then some. On Long Island, not sure what else to do other
      than Coney Island, Fire Island Nat. Seashore for ocean fun. We were
      considering driving out to the Hampton’s area to see the beaches out there,
      possibly the lighthouse at the very tip. Any other must-see items in Long
      Island would be great in a follow up video.

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